Pain Management

Programs for Adults

Pain Management Conferences A list of pain management conferences in Malaysia 2020/2021/2022 organised by World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology aiming to bring national/international researchers, scientists, scholars, professionals, engineers, exhibitors, sponsors, academic, scientific and university practitioners to attend and present their research activities.

Chronic Pain Management Program

An interdisciplinary pain management treatment program designed to help individuals reduce the suffering and disabilities associated with pain and cope more effectively with pain-related problems. The program includes physical therapy and pain psychology services with a variety of program choices like coordinated outpatient care, 3 week program or 4 week program.

IASP World Congress on Pain

A multidisciplinary pain management scientific program with plenaries, lecture-style sessions, hands-on workshops, and more than 2,500 poster presentations, series of virtual meetings this fall with workshops, posters and symposia are being planned. More information will be posted soon as it’s postponed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The London Pain Forum NINTH “Advances in Pain Medicine

Multidisciplinary pain management symposium program. Scientific committee are currently preparing the programme for the 2021 Winter Symposium.


An intensive integrated multidisciplinary pain management group program that runs for 2 days per week for 8 weeks. Private outpatient program run by the pain management team at Sydney Spine and Pain Rehab.

Innervate Intensive Pain Program

A multidisciplinary, cognitive behavioural pain management program run by Innervate Pain Management, Newcastle (9am-4pm, three days per week for four weeks, plus three follow up contacts over six months) Vocational rehabilitation is the priority for all participants.

Mt Wilga Pain Management Program
MWPH Pain Management Program.pdf

A multidisciplinary pain management program designed to address the complex needs of people living with pain, focusing on self-management. Runs twice weekly over six weeks.

Network Pain Management Program

A multidisciplinary pain management program conducted by EmpowerRehab in Melbourne. Includes assessment, case conference and treatment recommendations.

Dorset Rehabilitation Centre Pain Rehabilitation Program

A multidisciplinary pain management program to teach self-management strategies and improve quality of life. Arthritis program also available.

The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre Pain Management Program

A multidisciplinary pain management offered in both individual and group format to teach self-management strategies and facilitate return to work where appropriate.

The Wesley Pain Management Program

A multidisciplinary rehabilitation program promoting self-management. It is conducted in small group of six to eight participants and variety of program options are offered.

QPain Pain Management Program

Multidisciplinary pain management programs to teach patients how to better manage their pain. The main office is based on Kangaroo Point but if you live in a regional area of Queensland, telehealth services may be available to you through QPain.

The Living Well With President Pain Program

A group based multidisciplinary pain management program with individual pain assessments, run by the Adelaide Primary Health Network.

The Living Well With President Pain Program
Pain Management Program for Victoria & Tasmania | Precision Ascend

A multidisciplinary pain management program conducted over six weeks in Launceston.

The Living Well With President Pain Program

Overcoming pain and living life is a 10 week client centered persistent pain program run in the community.

Black Swab Health Persistent Pain Program

Free 12 month program for clients living with chronic pain. A Clinical facilitator with expertise in pain management provides individualized case management. All clients attend a self-management pain group education program

Online Programs

Managing MSK Pain
PAS Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 | Home (

A virtual annual scientific online meeting with medical professionals to discuss, enhance networking and encourage to work towards the goal of better pain management, run by The Pain Association of Singapore. Focusing on musculoskeletal pain.

SE Asia Pain Management Course

A multidisciplinary pain management course offering up to date concepts on back pain, osteoarthritis pain, and painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy and allow attendees to apply the knowledge gained in the course to clinical practice.

Developed by ASEAPS (Association for Southeast Pain Societies) in conjunction with IASP to ensure content is regionally relevant.

This Way Up

Australia’s first online multidisciplinary pain management program offering participants pain education and strategies from physiotherapy, psychology and other forms of treatment, it is produced and supported by St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. It requires a referral from clinician (GP, Pain Physician, Doctor, Nurse or Allied Health Professional. There’s a minimal cost of $59 or less.

Virtual Clinic

Self-help online courses for people with anxiety and depression, run by St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

IASP Virtual Pain Series & Expo

6 months contract virtual annual scientific online meeting with provides flexibility for members to connect and to discuss and explore ideas, while actively learning in a new, online environment.

Added benefit, registered attendees for Congress 2021 in Amsterdam will automatically receive access to the virtual event, free of charge, run by IASP Virtual Series on Pain & EXPO, Washington USA

American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) Annual Virtual Meeting
AAPM Annual Meeting – American Academy of Pain Medicine

A must attend virtual annual online meeting for all clinicians treating patients in pain.

Programs for Kids

St Vincent’s Brisbane Pain Management Program
Pain Management – St Vincent’s Brisbane (

St Vincent Private Hospital offers a variety of programs and services in Brisbane to help teenagers understand and manage their pain.

Brisbane Group Programs & Services – SKiP (Support Kids in Pain)

SKIP is a community based program for children under 14 living with pain and their families.